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Chile IMEI Registration: All you need to know

If you are staying in our country for more than a month than here is all you need to know about Chile IMEI registration. Even more now that most of the people is doing quarantine to stay safe from Coronavirus, and communications with others is a necessity.

First, you need to know an important thing. Since November 2018, Chile has a the Multibanda/SAE Law that requires all foreign phones and devices to be registered in order to be used in Chile. This process is referred to as homologación.

Any personal phone bought from abroad must be registered for its use with a chilean Sim Card. This registration must take place in the first 30 days since your arrival and phone’s first use in the country or it’ll be blocked.

You can find more information on the registration process of the new “ley multibanda chile”  on the Multibanda webpage.

We offer you the possibility to make this registration completely online, without going anywhere so you don’t have to break any quarantine you might be doing in Chile and  enjoy the rest of your vacations safe from anywhere. 

You can register your IMEI here: Chile imei registration

We care for our employees and clients, so we are teleworking during this difficult time for the world’s health.

Also, don’t forget to take care of yourself and wash your hand, A LOT ! Keep a safe distant from other people, if you have any of the symptoms from Coronavirus don’t wait and tell a doctor. 

Be careful protect yourself and the others.

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